The Connected Team isn’t the one with the latest tools that sync from phone to tablet to laptop in seconds.

They aren’t the team that’s delivering on all of their sprints in rapid succession.

They aren’t the team that sits side-by-side having lunch with each other each and every day of the week.

These are all good things.

But the Connected Team is the team that picks up where one leaves off, that understands the meaning of a message either within or without of the proper context.

The Connected Team isn’t built overnight, it’s built over months and years through actions and trust built over hours, days and weeks through dedication, ownership and pride in the team’s work.

The Connected Team isn’t about¬†always being online, connected and available it’s about everyone knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each member of your team and working towards projects where strengths are leveraged and weaknesses are slowly eliminated not just by the team leadership, but all members on the team.

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