If you lead a team and have not gone with your team on any of the following;

  • Conference
  • Customer Meeting
  • On-Site Deployment
  • Sales Presentation

Something, anything, where you and members of your team worked hard towards a common goal that is now resulting in a trip somewhere.

You owe it to them to find a way to get them there with you for any and all of the reasons below (choose whichever ones help);

  • Watch what a developer does when asked a tough sales question
  • Stay up late and fix a customer’s system
  • Wake up early to setup your booth for the upcoming day
  • All try to leave the hotel on time to get to your temporary office for the day
  • Put together a quick presentation for the CEO in 15 minutes
  • Go get lunch at the local dive and see what hilarity ensures
  • Let the Product Owner answer a question on cloud deployment topologies

These aren’t for laughs – these all build experience, connectivity, knowledge and trust within your team – and sometimes the only place to get that is on the road, at the airport, waiting for your already delayed flight to take off.

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