Have you ever watched the final round of a Texas Hold’em Tournament when it’s down to 2 people playing Head to Head.

Ever notice when they go All-In how they stand-up and go hang out by their family and friends in the stands, watching the cards from afar.

At that point – the game is completely out of their hands.

Now notice that when they win, the winner’s family and friends go crazy, cheering and clapping for them?

At first glance you’d think they are cheering for the hand (largely out of their hands at that point) but they’re not, instead they are cheering for everything they did to get there – all the playing the players, looking at the cards, finding the tells, grinding through the lower tables, etc, etc.

They aren’t standing up for the hand – they are standing up for everything you did to get there and play that hand.

In any release, it’s great to cheer at the end when the product goes out the door, but don’t ever underestimate the value that can come simply by standing up and cheering when your team is grinding through on their way to the final match.

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