It’s easy to look at a game, a job, a task, an anything and get down on yourself for having messed up and lost.

So easy in fact that we don’t need anyone’s help to see what went wrong.

But as a Leader, you need to pivot, you need to step back, this game is over, this project is done and now it’s time to focus on the next one.  Even if it’s not over, you need to dig deep and focus on your team – what moments they shone in, where they did well and where they need to improve.

They aren’t looking for a pat on the back that everything’s going to be okay, they aren’t looking to you to absolve them for their mistakes, they are looking for someone to guide them through their next challenge.

Whether you lead a team of leaders or lead a team where you are the sole leader the role is evolving, it’s in the trenches, it’s side-by-side, but it’s becoming more about guiding people, letting them fail, giving them guidance, and pushing them to try again.

But it starts with moments within a game and not the game itself.

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