Don’t have one?  Start small.

Don’t do 2 hours at the gym every day, do 10 minutes at home or at the office.

But do it consistently.

Not eating properly?

Don’t go vegan overnight, start eating more fruit each day.

Don’t feel you are being challenged at work?

Spend some $$$ and invest in yourself or cheaper yet, go read any one of the million of blogs out there.

As we grow older, we embrace our freedom to choose what to do, when we want to do it, how we want to do it and forget that it was the small, simple thing that really got us to where we are.

A routine.

We went to school, we came home did homework, we ate with our family, we did our activity of the night, went to bed and did it again the next day.

If it worked for us when we were kids, why can’t it work for us now?

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