I used to think having a second monitor was the most productive thing in the world.

But with everything (and I mean everything) moving towards being available on the internet and as a result my computer, I have come to find myself getting constantly distracted while I’m working.

I’ll work on “something” on my main screen, then bring up Netflix, YouTube, the news, something that pulls the rest of my attention over to the right bit by bit until it’s 100% there.

As of late, I am trying to do most of my writing on my Chromebook because it only has 1 screen, only runs certain apps and the distractions on it are minimized for me.

Maybe it’s time shut one off and see what comes of it, maybe it’s not the space but the tools within the space.

Maybe it’s time for an experiment.

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  1. This should say is my discipline hurting me. Or maybe it’s time for a break. The great thing about life is perspective, you could make the exact same claim about the radio in the car playing news or podcasts maybe that should be thinking time…just saying, don’t blame the tool it has a power button.

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