If you were trapped with a few people in a room that had no windows or light coming into it, simply pure darkness, would it matter whose title was what?

Would it make a difference?

After all, no one can see, no one knows where the exit is, all you can do is talk and listen to one another.

Talk and Listen.

If that’s all you could do, then you’d probably start to figure out a way to explore while still communicating to one another.

And when you found the light, would it matter who found it?  It could be the junior developer on the team or the seasoned product owner who was in the office only for that day.

Anyone can lead in the light, when it’s clear, when a path is set, when we can see the obstacles in front of us and know what to avoid.

But when it’s dark, when we can’t see the roadblocks and all of our senses are diminished – it’s in those times that everyone becomes a part of the effort to lead and achieve the goal at hand.

Titles have a nasty habit of getting in the way of what we want to accomplish, when what we need to accomplish is to work together to get there as a team.

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