Remember those street figher(ish) games where you had to accumulate your “mana, energy or experience” before you could do your super move?

You had to keep fighting to increase your reserves so when you had your best chance you’d play your super move.

That… that is the moment where focus and success meet.  Where after all the beatdowns you have taken, all the fighting, all the pushing to get somewhere, all the late nights and early mornings, you are finally ready to make it happen.

Whether you fail is irrelevant, whether you make the big sale is not your measurement of success.

Your focus, your knowing you are ready but knowing when to be patient to make the right move, when all of your training is complete and you’ve made that final game, that is where your success will emerge.

Success isn’t something that happens after you’ve achieved 1,000,000 subscribers or covered payroll for the next year – it’s the moment right before – where your focus comes into view.

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