We all have our own definitions of success – what it is, where we want to go, how we want to get there?

Boiled down – what is important to you to define yourself as successful?

Is it the journey?

Is it the ends justifying the means?

Is it learning X before Y?

Is it based on milestones in a certain amount of time?

Is it learning a new language?

Is it speaking at conferences for something you love?

Is it delivering a product that one person uses?

Is it making people smile and laugh?

Is it creating a connection where none existed before?

Is it being the best at what you are?

Is it making so much money?

Whatever it is, write it down, write them all down – all the factors that you know in your head and heart are so key to your success and well-being that any other form of success will be eschewed.

Once written down – go get it.

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