Do you monitor your team’s Twitter activity?

What about their Facebook posts?

Are you an avid fan of their late night snaps?

Or perhaps you think their Instagram stories are AMAZING?

Whatever the reason, LinkedIn should be treated no differently.

Don’t get flustered when someone on your team update’s their LinkedIn account, be encouraged that they speak so highly of your organization and want everyone to know.  If they are starting a new blog or putting up some demo code, share it out with the rest of the team and support them in their endeavors.

LinkedIn is the greatest tool to engage with your team in a professional manner outside of your organization and highlight their talents.

There can sometimes be a general concern that if you endorse or give recommendations to your team while they are still on your team that you are basically sending the message that they are great, please take them.

This could not be further from the truth, the real message you are sending is…

“I/We trust you, I/We value your contributions to our organization, I/We want you and everyone you know how much you are valued.


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