When the time comes that you need to leave your current employer, it is important to remember, that you are still there, with them, beside them, helping them on their mission.

This is why it is so imperative here than at any point in your tenure with your employer that you exercise the following actions;

  • Be there – don’t hide behind meetings, attend events, don’t take unused sick days, talk with people, be proud of where you are going.
  • Be respectful – there is a difference between being proud of your achievements and gloating, no the difference
  • Be on time – the hours you have come in at should not change simply because you are leaving
  • Be helpful – your opinion still matters your helpful opinion, not one that is disdainful.

And in all of this, amplify it x 2, just as you did when you first started.  Perhaps they don’t owe you anything, perhaps you are leaving on sour terms, whatever the reason, they did take a chance in you, they did believe in you and for that, it is important that you thank them for when they did.

Leaving is hard, lots of emotions, but if you treat it like your first 2 weeks where you easily amplified by 5, it will be a lot less uncomfortable and a lot more memorable.

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