If you’re looking for new books to read, here are some that I’ve either read over the years or just recently that I very much enjoyed.

Leading at the Edge

A great glimpse into Shackleton’s journey that did not go as planned yet came out on the other side the better for it.  (side note: so good, I permanently borrowed from a place of work many years ago when we were moving).

Steal Like An Artist

You’ll read it in a few hours but the lessons will stay with you forever, it is one of the most powerful books ever.

The Dip

Another small book written by Seth Godin that I have re-read through many a time.  If you’re in the midst of a tough decision, buy and enjoy.

The War of Art

From my lessons learned in altMBA, this book was a fantastic read on making it happen, stop complaining, just do it.

The $100 Startup

Ideas and lessons from past and current freelancers and entrepreneurs – we live in a new age where you don’t need a bankroll to get started.

Creativity Inc

Two Words: Brain Trust.

I didn’t do long thought out summaries of each book, the goal is for you to go read the book not the summary – besides why ruin the surprises for you.

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