Whatever mode of transportation or duration it takes you to get to work does this thought ever enter your mind…

“Why am I doing this?”

And then, of course, you reach your place of work and your level of frustration is that much more amplified.

There is always be good days and bad days – long weather days and days with no one on the roads – but if you find yourself saying this to yourself Day In and Day Out, complaining about your commute all along the way and as soon as you hit the office – perhaps the issue isn’t your commute, but the time being given to you to think about your work.

The opposite as true as well, it might be great that you live so close that you can walk to your office, but what do you feel when you walk past in the evenings and weekends?  Do those emotions of frustration and angst rise up within you?  Perhaps for you, then the question is how do I get MORE space between where I live

There is a happy medium between what you are willing to commute for and the work you will be doing as a result.  This could change job to job, but the only one that knows and will truly understand that magical commute equation will be you.

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