When I was a kid many years ago…

  • I had a paper route that someone gave me.
  • I had a part-time job that someone gave me.
  • Neighbours asked me to mow their lawns and shovel their driveways.


  • Paper routes are declining, the roles being taken on by adults with cars.
  • The job market is crowded, many people are fighting for part-time jobs in the hope they become full-time.
  • Companies specializing in lawn and snow maintenance.

Everything is being done better thanI could ever do it.

For my kids…

  • They will need to learn to create their own jobs, find niches and develop them.
  • Nurturing their connections and skills will become all the more important.
  • They will not wait for someone to read their resume, they will have to read it to them to sell themselves.

The Career Market is changing, it’s not worst than it was, it’s different, in my opinion, better. In the long run, reinforcing values of entrepreneurship and going on your own early in life.  Jobs will not be applied to, but be created – it’s a little scary at first, but it’s becoming the new norm and it’s time to take the next leap.

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