When you had to stay up all night to study for that big exam – who told you that was a good idea?

What about when you had that speech due and you spent hours and hours cramming for it to make sure you could read it without any cue cards?

And when the option was first presented to you, to choose your own classes that meant something to you, who made that decision for you?

You did.

As we get older, it sometimes feels as though we have become cattle, being pushed down a path we don’t want.  We then have commitments that must be met in order to survive.

And these commitments are forged out of our sense of responsibility and accountability for others – but whether it’s in your current career or a new one or some fleeting idea you have in the distance, make no mistake about it.

Your journey is your own, you are your own master and you are the best pilot for the journey that lies ahead.

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