Things are going rough, not getting better and you’re not sure where the end in sight is.

You don’t feel driven, your motivation is in the tank, you wake-up and the first thing you do is grimace at what the day has to offer.

You’re waiting for someone to realize what level of despair you’re in and charge forward to help you and pull you out of it.

Only problem is you’re too good at hiding it, I mean we’re talking Ninja-mode stealth tactics where no one can see that things aren’t going well.

You’re on your own and you need to break out, need to get off the Carousel and break free.

But you need to take the first step.

Talk with your team lead.

Talk with family.

Go for a run.


There are many infinite options here on how you can break out the cycle, each attuned to your own strength and weaknesses but there are only two truths to breaking the cycle that you must abide by;

  1. You must take the first step.
  2. That first step must be in a positive direction.

When we take that first positive step to breaking the cycle the odds go up that we’ll succeed.  When we take that first step in a negative way we strengthen the cycle around us, making it harder to break out.

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