LinkedIn is a great tool for meeting people in your field of expertise or finding those with similar interests that you might share.

But where LinkedIn has an inadvertent habit of going bad is where it has started to provide stock responses to invites.

“Congrats on the new Job”

“Not Interested”

“Thank you”

The intent is there to make our interactions faster to process so we can continue on the line to more, more, more but the quality is decreasing.

Prompt me to congrats a colleague on their promotion but leave the content to me so I can write something personal they will appreciate it.  Don’t force me to delete the stock response and then add my own.

A step in the right direction is the new “Add Note” functionality when trying to connect with someone (not available on mobile at the time of this writing) so you can really customize that experience if you were not doing it before.

While some Automation is good, it should have its limits and I for one, would welcome the ability to disable these prompts across my profile.

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