Your boss?

Your spouse?

Your unfinished manifesto?

Your brother?

Your team?

Your incomplete ideas?

Your landlord?

Your company?

Your dog?

Your hangover?

Your banged up car?

Your tweaked muscle?

Or maybe what’s holding you back is that big long list of excuses where you put the blame everywhere else except where it needs to be.  

Is someone visibly standing in your way telling you not to try out that new idea?

Physically stopping you from getting to your keyboard and typing out your ideas?

Putting their foot on you while you do that last push-up?

We all have things that happen to us, things we wish could be better and if they were we could do this and be that and make that happen – but what if I could guarantee that nothing would change – if I could tell you right now that your current situation will stay the same – would you still do it?

If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for – get going.


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