Here’s how.

When we Start

Software – We can’t wait to begin, the project is all new and shiny and full of so many possibilities.

Running – Getting up is a pain, we know it’s good for us, we know we should do it, but it’s so hard to get going.

In the Middle

Software – Things have become muddled, there is so much work to do, we’re not sure how it’s going to get done, but we keep on plowing through.

Running – The end seems so far away, we have a stitch in our side, but we’re not going to stop pushing through.

When we finish

Software – There are so many things we want to do over, fix and refactor.  We can’t wait for the next new project to start to get out of maintenance mode.

Running – We are elated at what we accomplished, it doesn’t matter what tomorrow brings, look at what we did.

They look the same in the middle, both not sure which way to go, but their start and finishes are completely different – when writing software, we need no help in arriving to that kick-off meeting in time, it’s a great new day whereas with running we need to give ourselves a kick to get there.

But when we finish that run, that swirl of emotions of accomplishment comes over us, it doesn’t matter how we ran, how fast we went, what our pace was or how many times we walked – we did it, we did it together.

Maybe not so opposite and maybe room to borrow from each when starting and stopping.

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