Pick your sport of choice today, now find your favourite athlete.

Now watch them, watch them closely – watch what they do when they are on offense, what they do when they are defense, watch how they react to the plays coming at them, watch how they run the plays with the rest of their team.

What do you notice?  What do they all have in common across any sport?

They don’t do the same thing over and over and over again.  Sure one might have a great jump shot, but it doesn’t mean they don’t try for the layups to shake it up and throw their opponents off guard.  Maybe they’re a goalie that always goes down to make a save, but on this play they are going to fake you out by dropping early and getting back up while you are mid-shot.

The really, really, really good athletes are the ones that have introduced versatility into their game – they mix it up to throw the other team off, shooting left (even though it’s harder) because they are expecting them to go right, going down low when they have been shooting up top all game.

Same goes for every professional, you need to be versatile, you need to have a bag of tricks where yes, they might not all be your best tricks but they are enough to impress and throw off the other side so they can see that you can make things happen (i.e., score) more ways than one.

Customers are more impressed when you bring that versatility to the table not because what is in your bag today, but because what can be in your bag tomorrow.

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