A struggle, in any profession, is looking at the work you’ve just finished creating and screaming at it…


You could be a developer, writer, artist, product owner, carpenter, etc, etc, the list goes on.  It’s the moment where you feel slightly exhausted from what you have created, from what you have expended and the image between what is in your head and what is in front of you do not line up.

It is frustrating, especially if the work you have created you are now expecting someone to buy (or perhaps even someone to pick up and sell).  You feel as though your work is not even worthy enough to show them, let alone have them purchase it.

We are our most critical judges, we will always rip ourselves apart first in ways that we would never do this to anyone else.  You could spend a day with someone close to you, never knowing what insecurities they hold as you casually leaf through their work, humming and hawing while inside of them their stomach is churning with the fear of rejection.

There is no magic answer, there is no magic bullet to make those feelings go away – all there is, is you, believing in the work that you do and every morning waking up to do it again.  You might make great work one day, half-and-half work the next day, followed by a completely garbage day the next, then back to greatness the next day.

My only suggestion in all of this is that when you become frustrated with the garbage – take a step back, go outside, breathe, leaf through the past work that was amazing, take an hour or two to refocus and then go back to it.

Always go back to it.  Believe in what you can do and keep doing it – don’t judge yourself by the number of sales, followers, hits or likes, judge yourself on what you put into your work and delivered.

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