You have to meet everyone (and remember their names).

No one really knows who you are, so you are easy to forget, and will most likely not be assigned much to do.

You’ll sit there wondering why you made this change from your last job to here, based on the fun texts you are seeing from your former colleagues all out a lunch together.

The questions will start to rise within you – Did I make the right choice?  Should I be doing this?  What if it doesn’t work out?

Answer – Yes, Yes and than you’ll find somewhere else.

The first day is a long day of self-reflecting and questioning as you meet new people, become introduced to new processes and internalize all the decisions you have made and steps have taken to get here.

It’s a great time for self-reflection and appreciation – don’t worry if you are not overloaded on Day 1, relish it, enjoy the opportunity to get to know people and learn where things go.

In 2 weeks time (or less) you’ll be yearning for this day all over again.

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  1. Jason Cosman Reply

    We’re about to find out but I believe I agree with you!

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