I need my coding fix to keep the logical part of my brain happy.

I need my writing fix to get out everything I have in my head.

I need my entrepreneurial fix to engage that feeling of starting something and growing it.

I need my sales fix that drives me to reach out and network with people.

I need my leadership fix when coaching and working with teams.

I need my exhaustion fix when I finish going for a run.

I need my building fix when I try to build something with my hands, admiring the calluses I have earned at the end of the day.

I need my humble fix when I try something new and keep failing no matter my level of effort.

I need that family fix where I get to step back and be amazed by all they can do.

We all have a variety of fixes we need in our life, the goal should never be to focus on just one, but instead to understand what ones we need and how to craft a life around that.

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