I wrote a LinkedIn article about a month ago and then decided to share it across a number of groups – groups that had 70,000+ members associated to them.

As I wrote some clever summary I worried about how it would be perceived, what would people think?  Would they love it?  Would they hate it?  Would they tear it apart?

I could feel my brow furrowing and sweat starting to form as I clicked “Post”.

And then I waited…


Still waiting…

Nothing happened, a few people liked it, but that was about it.

No viral sensation, no interviews, no public firing, nothing.

The world kept spinning, my day carried on and I’ve kept on writing.

Moral of the story – You’ll be okay, don’t over think it, just do it, share it, see what comes back – and move on.

Sharing your work to others the first time is never easy because we focus on the rejection first and the acceptance last.

Will everyone like your work?  No.

Now that you know the answer will you still share it?

Great, go do it.


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