Think back to the best training session you ever attended.

It could be one you attended, one that was held internally or maybe even one that you gave.

What made it so special, what made it resonate with you and your team that when you left you all felt committed to take action and make something happen.

What was the secret sauce in play?

Now before you book your next training, hold it accountable to that bar, don’t let it waiver, it must hit or leap over that bar that you’ve set.

Because you know you, you know your team and you know what they need to respond to the content laid out in front of them.

Of everything that we do in our career, training should be the exercise that makes us leave feeling pumped and ready to take on the next challenge.  Whether it’s training in JSON or leadership – it should never be dry, never be boring and we the audience should always be – must always be –  engaged.

We have a habit of focusing too much on the content of the training vs the actual engagement level of the training when in fact we all know that it’s the engagement that drives the success of the training 100% of the time.

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