If someone tells you that you are really, really, really, really bad at something and you should not be doing it, you have a choice to make.

Listen to them, measure your worth against them and spend the rest of your life worrying about what they are going to say.

Move on and keep being “bad” at whatever it is you’re doing.  Actually don’t simply be bad, be horrible, stink the joint up, make mistakes here, there and everywhere.

But give it your all and keep giving it your all until you are bad no more and you are good and then you are great and then you.

You shouldn’t feel the need to measure your effort against someone else’s scared comments.

Scared, YES scared, they are scared.  Because they see the potential in you to go from bad to great should you commit and make it happen and nothing scares them more than this.

You can never fault for someone for being bad when they are giving their all because someday they’ll make that leap and from then on, they’ll be unstoppable.

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