I hear this a lot – “I’ll learn it when I’m given a project that I can learn it on”.

Translation – “I’m not going to invest my own time in figuring this out until you tell me I can invest my own time in doing this for you… and pay me for it.”

Perhaps not what you were thinking at the time you said that, but you can’t argue with the logic.

Would that really inspire confidence at an interview or team meeting if uttered as honestly as the above?


Don’t fall into the False Learning Trap where someone else needs to support and fund your learning initiatives.

It’s not their job – it’s yours.

It’s not their goal – it’s yours.

It’s not to their benefit – it’s to yours.

Instead start saying – “I’m going to figure out some time to learn this so I can start going for the projects that will help me to continue to grow and improve on this skill”.

Now you’re developing the learning base to start making something happen.

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