Your post isn’t going to be picked up by millions.

That article that took you 2 hours to write, will be read by 5 people (one being your mom).

That photo with the slick lens flare won’t receive any likes.

That sweet tweet that you composed on the way to work that is pure gold will get 1 retweet.

Your well-crafted, well-written, put together Facebook post is going to get 15 dislikes.

So now that you know Viral is not in the cards for what you are working on, will you still post it?  

Will you still put in all that effort to make it happen?

Will you still put in as much heart and soul and love into making it a thing of wonder and perfection?

I hope so because 98% of what we consume is not viral and stuff is gold worth more than all the viral pieces put together.

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