That’s right, the restraint, the barrier, the handcuffs, the weight, the rock holding you down.

We don’t ship because it’s not perfect.

We don’t finish writing because it’s not perfect.

We don’t start building that new shed because it won’t be perfect.

We don’t try something new because it won’t be perfect.

We don’t push ourselves to the edge because the result will not be perfect.

We don’t because IT won’t be perfect.

Instead of worrying about perfection, if we instead focused on delivery, on getting there, on being okay with the result being an unknown quantity and value and solely being satisfied with having completed something – our mindset starts to change.

The word perfection doesn’t even enter the picture because there is no room for it, our goal isn’t perfection, our goal is creating, shipping and delivering – everything after that isn’t gravy or a bonus – it simply… just… is.

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