Sometimes these posts don’t make sense.

Sometimes I see the emails fly by and my grammar and prose are atrocious.

Sometimes I forget to write the pieces in my head that fill in the blanks of the genius I was hoping would spew forth from my finger tips.

Sometimes I miss the mark.

But every message, every post has a voice, a purpose and a direction.  It might not be clear by reading the first 5, 10 or 20 posts but it’s there.

Start your voice, find your direction, experiment, switch it up if you need to and keep iterating.

No one finds their voice on Day 1, they “find” it around Day 5,7819 (or so I’m told) but by starting to find their voice, they find their message and they keep delivering it, day after day after day.

Start with your Voice, Craft your Message and enjoy the ride.


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