What is it when someone comes down on us for doing a poor job that we become emboldened to prove them wrong?

Show them the error of their ways?

Work twice as hard to impress that wrote us off as nothing?

When we are fighting with a piece of technology and machinery, we can’t give up, we have to keep hammering it, throwing a wrench at it, anything and everything to make it work while we become increasingly more frustrated along the way.

All along the way we curse their names underneath our breath while we plod along knowing that with every success garnered we get closer to proving them wrong.

All of it no longer fueled by the need or desire to complete the project but instead by emotions of frustration and anger to prove someone wrong.

And there is nothing wrong with proving anyone wrong (it’s a lot of fun when not done maliciously) but maybe what we need to figure out is how to keep ourselves motivated to that degree all the time without giving in to a baseless anti-motivator.

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