Sales Funnels – at any stage – are an idea of how much work you have in the pipe to keep you going.  You want to keep the initial entry into your funnel large as potential sales (leads) fall off.

Eventually – you hit a percentage of conversions from leads to customers.

But is your sales funnel authentic?

Is every lead focused around your niche?

Is every lead a customer you want to work with, you want to go after, you want to have repeat business with?

Is every lead the actual value of the engagement or some engrossed version of what you wish it would be?

Does every lead have the potential to raise your game and make you better or does it keep the status quo tagging along.

Defining an Authentic Sales Funnel isn’t hard, we separate what is of value to us from what isn’t, from there we have an Authentic Sales Funnel – focused around niche development, customer engagement and organizational growth.

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