They setup the goals, they make the passes to the right person so the effort is minimal and fluid to pick up and do something.

They look ahead of the play, not to where their team is going, but to where they need to be.

They make the decisions that set their team up for success instead of pushing them to the brink.

Anyone can score a goal.  I heard it from a twelve year old who after scoring a soccer goal said – “I didn’t really have to do anything, it could have been anyone, the ball came right to me and I tapped it in.”

But the Playmakers know how to set their team up for success, how to push them to where they need to be, how to give them the ball without throwing them off the cliff, how to find open space where they can fail and have time to try again.

Just like in sports, the playmaker is the most important member of your team because they set the rest of your team up for success, making the entire team look good.

Crowds cheer hard for the goals, but crowds cheer even harder at an amazing no-look, behind the back pass that needs a light tap to go in.

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