The “Technology Fail” Meeting

Wait for everyone to connect via their conferencing system choice.  Mute people who are driving through a tunnel that don’t want to mute themselves.  Try to share a screen that gets pixelated or worse you realize you can’t share until the last moment.

It ends with everyone saying – “Let’s meet in person next time” – defeating the purpose of everyone being online.

The “Yesterday’s Update” Meeting

Everyone drops what they are doing to hear everyone say – “I’m working on what I said I’d be working on”.

Loved by Managers, despised by Leaders, detrimental to project completion, great for checking completion boxes.

The “No Action” Meeting

Everyone discusses what is happening with their work, real conversation happens, real discussion takes place.

But at the end there are no assignments for what is to happen next, no commitment to what is should take place next – that’ll be saved for an email where the sender flips furiously through their notes trying to remember what so and so said.

There are more types, many more, despite all of our advances, the meeting still has the most prolific amount of waste associated with it and even though we have pockets of success the waste continues to be profound.

If you’re looking for a field ripe for disruption, innovation, creativity and improvement – after all these years it is still the meeting.

Start here…

“What would it take to make you excited before arriving at a meeting and leave feeling refreshed, energized and on point to continue on?”

What does that look like?

How do you replicate that feeling across meeting upon meeting?

An interesting problem.

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