I cannot take credit for this phrase – but I love it – I love everything about it.

I imagine an Island where there are two or more people obsessed with everything between them – discussing the big issues of the day – on an island.

Everything is escalated – everything is turned up a notch – people are losing their minds…

“The Coconuts aren’t ripe…”

“There is too much sand here…”

“The water isn’t blue enough…”

“I’m bored…”

It’s all about life on the Island, it’s all about everything happening in that Island… and no one wants to get off the Island OR knows how to get off the Island… all they feel is that this is it and there is nothing else…

Now I imagine “a la Comic Book Strip”… while this drama is ensuing… someone looking over to another Island… where people are chilling in bluish/green water, building sand castles and letting the coconuts ripen thinking “I need to get out of here”.

Whatever you are going through, don’t make it into an Island unto itself.  Take a moment and realize that there is something else out there, maybe better, maybe worse, but different that perhaps can give you the opportunity to jump off the island and try something new.

All you need to do is build the bridge (or boat) to get off the Island.

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