Are you really open to a New Idea?

Or are you paying lip service.

You know the answer, we all do.

We all the know the moment we stop listening and start hearing the rest of the conversation in the hope that it will eventually finish.

Or that we ask someone to present their idea knowing full well we aren’t going to accept it and have already started to move forward in other areas.

These are sometimes referred to as the “Make Work” Projects – projects meant to keep you busy, invested in  your idea, figuring out what can and can’t work but with the intention that it will never be accepted.

So go for it – take on the “Make Work” project and “Make It Work” – make it happen, figure out the risks, mitigate them and keep moving forward.

That’s for the people driving the idea.

For those that aren’t ready to hear the new idea, that aren’t really ready for change, that’s okay, but be up front about it, there’s nothing to hide from.

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