You put off writing, anything, something because you don’t have any ideas.

So you sit and you wait for the perfect idea to come to you.

The idea that will generate 10000+ likes in its first hour alone.

But still, it doesn’t come and you wait some more.

But really what you need to be doing is sitting down and putting pen to paper, finger to the keyboard because only then will you start writing, start creating and only then will the ideas come to you in a landslide that your biggest problem will be finding time to write them all down.

Side note: I was having a lack of ideas a few months ago, the perfect article wasn’t coming.  I scheduled the time and simply started writing, some of it good, some of it bad, a good part of it mediocre.  But from there came 5 – 10 ideas for other articles, really good ideas, that were not there before but now have spurned me to keep going.

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