When you need to wait three days to talk to someone on the phone, for two minutes to solve your problem.

When the team you need to speak to, does not give out their number because there are too many calls to handle.

When the timer expires for how long you have been in the queue and drops you.

When the automated chatbot or IVR don’t actually help resolve your problem but instead motivate you into finding a way to try and game the system.

When the agent asks for the information that you only just provided the automated system with 30 seconds go.

Customer Service is the most powerful entity in any organization today, determining the success of any product and/or service based on that customer engagement.  I have taken to calling into an organization’s service centre before I buy a product to see how I will be treated outside of the sales relationship to ensure it will mimic what is being sold.

Everyone is happy when there are no problems, but keeping customers happy and assured, when things go wrong is a skill unto itself.

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