Typical problem solving via a formal RFP (Request For Proposal) involves writing out a lot of steps that check boxes and set out steps for what the problem is today over the course of a six to twelve-month engagement.

In some cases, room for change and rescoping is frowned upon and discouraged.

Whereas, the Freelancer, gives provides their services to solve the problem, irrespective of the checkboxes and output items, allowing room for change, growth, and environmental scenarios to enter the mix without derailing the process as a whole and making the customer feel as though they are “not getting what they paid for.”

Problem definition is very difficult to understand in the present, let alone forecast it for twelve months down the road so why make a plan built around deliverables and outcomes when the problem by it’s very nature will change while you are working on it.

Don’t get hung up on the checkboxes and grids, get hung up on when the end goal is.

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