I enjoy calling into contact centres – not because I do it for fun – but because I’m always interested in how they are going to solve today’s problem.

Think about it – it’s you, another person you’ve never met and a phone.

But I can tell you the one line that runs shivers down my spine – whether it’s been a good call or a bad one is when the other person on the phone utters those fateful words.

“Good luck”.

You’d think it’d be a great feeling, but it’s not.  We could have this great troubleshooting discussion that I think is actually going somewhere and then they utter those two words that seal my fate –

“Good luck, from here on in, you’re on your own, I hope you packed your bag because this is a doozy of a problem”.

That is quite honestly how it feels when I hear those two words.

What I want to hear, and I suspect most want to hear as well – “Try this, not sure if it will work, but I’ll check back in on you in a day to see how it’s going.”

Now I’m not alone trying to figure this out, now I have a co-pilot.

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