I should have written this on May 4th (May the Fourth be With You) but thought of it while writing a recent MEDIUM article on why we all need to have a Coach.

I started thinking of the traits of great coaches and for some reason came back to the Jedi Master himself, Obi Wan Kenobi.

What makes Obi Wan Kenobi the greatest Jedi ever?

  1. He never gave Luke all the answers he wanted and made him work for them.
  2. He let Luke fail in preparing to be a Jedi, making similar mistakes to his own.
  3. He knew when the time was right for Luke to find another Jedi Master to continue his training.
  4. He let Luke’s intuition and feeling guide him.
  5. He never made Luke’s mission his own and kept his role as guide.
  6. He never forced his own beliefs onto Luke.
  7. He through caution to the wind and knew that sometimes you had to take a Leap of Faith.
  8. He never boasted about his accomplishments or achievements and instead focused on the development of Luke.
  9. He made sure to step in and help Luke when others were seeking to take advantage of him.
  10. His impact lingered on with Luke even after he was gone.

Sure I might be a Star Wars fan, but you can’t deny the fact that if given the choice, you’d want a coach like Obi Wan.

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