This is probably the hardest lesson that any Freelancer, Consultant or Contractor has to figure out.

What am I worth?

What is my value to someone?

How do I place that into an hourly, daily or project based total?

The industry at large would have you start with what your track record is – what you have completed and what has been marked as a success.

Little thought is given to…

  • What you are trying to accomplish
  • What side projects you have going on that don’t bring in any income (yet)
  • What hidden skills you offer alongside your track (i.e., it wasn’t one set of skills that ensured those projects were delivered)
  • Who you are and what you can accomplish

The only way to show your worth is if you enunciate it to include not only what you have accomplished, but why it was YOU accomplished it (and not someone else) and what you have the potential to accomplish for all your customers.

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