Signs that it’s time for a breakout…

  • Your ideas and suggestions are ignored before they even begin.
  • The path to least resistance is always taken.
  • Change is a bad word, standards and processes are good words.
  • There is a disconnect between your value proposition and your organization’s.
  • Processes have more priority than people.
  • The “Let’s Go For It” attitude has been replaced with the “We’ll get there” attitude.

There might be more, there might be less, but if you’re feeling any of the above, it might be time to break out of the mould, the role, the team that you are in and try something new. If you are leading a team, it might be time for a Reset to get the team back on track and focused on what matters.

It’s called a break-out for a reason, an escape, to try something new, something different, something never before seen. Where you go after that little sojourn into trying something new is up to you.

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