Whether it’s code, a blog post, something, anything.

It was work that you did, work that you invested your time in to create something, work that mattered.

And now, a month (or maybe less) later, here you are deleting it, but not wanting to delete it.

You’re staring at it wondering why did I write this?  What was I thinking?  And most predominantly at the forefront of your brain – how much it took?

How much time did I expend writing all of this?

Do I really want to throw all of that effort away?

In software, we call this refactoring.

You write something one day, find a better way to do it the next and you refactor what was old into something new that is better than what it was before.

And we don’t think about how long it took.

So next time you start to think about the cost in deleting something and all that effort that will be lost that you are now throwing away… don’t.

Think about what you are refactoring to make it better and what you have learned to come to this point.

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