One of the worst positions to be in is the position where you know the right way to accomplish a task but no one wants to hear it.

It’s frustrating and demoralizing and leaves you with the feeling of why you are there, to begin with.

But instead of flourishing in anger and despair, perhaps the course of action needed is for you to understand why they are not listening as opposed to trying to impose your will and direction on them.

It seems like an extra step in an otherwise illogical puzzle where you already have the answer.

But that’s short-term thinking.

Long-term thinking focuses around trying to understand their position, direction and mindset so you can bring them onto your side, show them how your solution will help them and set a level of trust for future collaboration.

The issue might not be that they won’t listen, it could be that they can’t as this is where you need to shine.



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