One of the hardest parts in leading a software release is being late.

You tried your best, you rallied the team, you put in the extra effort, but it simply wasn’t enough – for whatever reason, you’re shipping late.

Okay, that’s done, that’s known, you know it, everyone on the team knows it, maybe even your dog knows it.

Now it’s time to keep repeating.

Not because you are trying to be rude or dismissive but because they need to understand that the release is shipping on a different date and inform their stakeholders (so the process can continue).

The worst thing when a project is late is when no one wants to hear why it’s late and no one wants to take action to fix it from not being late.

What happens, is the team starts to Ignore the Date, their productivity drops, they feel less motivated or passionate for what they are doing because the perceived response is “no one cares”.

Take off the blinders, accept the project is late and do something about it, if not for you, then for your team.


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