You don’t have to go far to read anything on the topic of starting your own company, working on your own, being the Army of two or three or four.

All the trials and tribulations you need to go through to make it work (not be a massive success), simply to make it work.

It’s not easy, never has been, never will be.

There are way too many articles out there to list them all on the subject.

Here’s what it takes;

  • Constantly living with the unknown and understanding that tomorrow could change your course.
  • Constantly putting yourself and your work out there to make a sale.
  • Navigating that fine line between success and failure and being okay with being in the middle.
  • Knowing that everything I just said can change tomorrow.

But if you can do all that and be happy that you can steer your own destiny, then love that life, but don’t do it for the hype.

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