I’d like to say it gets easier over time.

Putting your everything into trying to make something happen and coming up spectacularly short.

There is no well to go back to.

No second chance.

It’s one and done and you are done.

You can console yourself by trying to analyze what you did wrong, what you would have done differently and ask yourself that question of when you will try again.

But none of that is going to change the fact you were Rejected.

Where is this going?

It happens and there isn’t a five-step plan out there that can help you analyze it from every angle or permutation to feel better about it.

It’s the way it is – have a beer, get some wings, down the ice cream, play some video games and get back on the horse tomorrow.

But today, take the small solace that you tried where others didn’t, no analysis necessary.

Blow off the steam today, so you can come back tomorrow and try again.

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