The Angry Helper is the person who begrudgingly agrees to help you.

They bemoan the process the whole time, bitter in the fact that they have to take time out of their day to help you figure out this “simple” problem that only they can understand.

What you say and do is never enough to help, it was done wrong the first time and it will be done wrong the second and third and fourth time.

And then they leave, sure whatever it was might now work, but you can see the wake behind them as they walk away, onto the next team member to offer their assistance to, begrudgingly, complaining the entire time.

Want to be a great team member?

Help your team grow by accepting that everyone needs help and assistance at some time or another.

Realize you are not Lord of the Code.

And when someone asks for help on your worst possible day?

If you can’t help in a complimentary, sincere, helpful way… send them to someone that will.

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