Words like Sustainable, Stable and Consistent have been switched out in favour of words like Disruption, Immediate and Catalyst.

Ask anyone starting a new company as to which ones they want to be associated with and they will immediately state the latter.

Ask anyone 3 – 4 years into running a company what words they value more and they’d say the former.

The truth is you need them all.

If you are constantly disrupting the marketplace people will see you as uncommitted, unsure and without direction.

If you don’t release until every last bug is fixed, people will see you as overtly stable, worried about making the smallest mistake and not willing to ever take a risk.

There is a balance between the two and it only emerges when you know where you are going and what your end goal is.

In other words, let your actions guide you and leave the fancy words to others to debate historically about.

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